Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018



MEarth’s mission is to educate + inspire through environmental stewardship.

The Big Idea

Through strategic collaboration and partnerships, we will engage more underserved Monterey County youth in our FoodConnect + NatureConnect programs at the nationally-recognized Hilton Bialek Habitat.

Monterey County stretches over 3,770 square miles, with increasing cultural and economic disparity. Disconnection between communities, lack of nutritious food options, and education about healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices are resulting in systemic issues of nature-deficiency and obesity for our children (in Monterey County alone, 48.6% of 5th graders are overweight or obese). MEarth’s FoodConnect + NatureConnect programs address the root causes of these problems by nurturing a deep appreciation for the natural world and encouraging healthy eating through hands-on garden and culinary education.

The majority of the students engaged through our FoodConnect + NatureConnect programs are first-generation English-language learners, over 70% of whom are of Hispanic origin, with an average of 75% qualifying for free and reduced lunch. With your continued support, we hope to build an interconnected community of young people, engaged citizens, and future leaders who will create a more sustainable future for Monterey County. This is our big idea! And your support can help make it happen.

“The overall experience for the class was a very positive one. The students couldn’t stop talking about the new foods they tried, (hummus, bell peppers), and especially the Green Smoothie. The class just recently earned a smoothie party and they are requesting the smoothie from the field trip. The field trip was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed themselves and learned something new. Thank you again so much for giving my class this opportunity! Thank You!” — Teacher at Loma Vista Elementary whose students participated in MEarth’s FoodConnect field trip

— Marcella Flores, Salinas, CA