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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021



MEarth's mission is to educate and inspire through environmental stewardship.

The Big Idea

While this nonprofit continued to educate on environmental stewardship virtually through the pandemic, nothing can compare to welcoming visitors back to get hands-on experience at MEarth’s Hilton Bialek Habitat. To meet the community’s needs as it transitions out of the pandemic, MEarth’s Big Idea is to host a series of free stewardship programs that are inclusive and appropriate for multiple generations. Activities include learning about native animals in this nonprofit’s outdoor setting and taking home seeds to cultivate a home garden.

As a community wellness program, focused on sustainability through local sharing of resources, The Big Share relies heavily on partners such as MEarth. We believe there is plenty for everyone, and that if we all grow more, we can share more. MEarth does that. The dedication to community that drives MEarth has allowed The Big Share to grow and thrive. Every week hundreds of families enjoy the bounty of beautiful produce that comes from the gardens. Bringing fresh healthy produce into Big Sur has had a huge impact on our community. Some residents have been inspired to grow more in their own gardens. Our volunteers have loved developing relationships with the MEarth staff and the children who harvest for us. We are thrilled to be partnering with MEarth, one of the most impactful organizations we work with. Thank you all for your hard work, consistency and passion!

- Helen Handshy

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