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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Mid Coast Fire Brigade


The Mid-Coast Fire Brigade proudly serves the changing needs of our community, which includes Garrapata, Palo Colorado, Rocky Creek, Bixby and the Coast: from Garrapata State Park south to “South Forty” on Hurricane Point. We contribute to the quality of life within our community by providing fire protection, fire prevention education, and by protecting lives, property, and the environment with compassion, vigilance and dedication.

The Big Idea

To improve emergency communications where radio coverage is either weak, or non-existent we need to install a repeater and the housing for it. We have asked CDF for a grant, but it will not cover the cost completely. It is amazing extensive this equipment and housing is. We have bids if you want to see them.

I moved into the area and was unaware of proper fire protection procedures. I contacted Mid Coast Fire Brigade for my burn permit and was visited by the Chief and assistant Chief. They proceeded to explain the proper way to protect my home and property from catastrophic loss from fire. I used this information to prepare my home, and property by clearing brush and removing fire hazards. I now believe that my home could be protected from a fire in our canyon.

- Brett Hedrick