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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science (MAOS)


The Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science, located at Monterey High School, prepares public high school students from throughout Monterey County for academic and career success. This is accomplished through a challenging curriculum enhanced by collaboration with the many marine related academic programs, research organizations and businesses in the area. Students achieve success through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to science and technology, with an emphasis on real-world problems, contact with oceanographic experts, hands-on science labs, field studies, and internships. Challenging curriculum offerings, hands-on lab experiences, field studies, research projects and internships distinguish this four-year college preparatory program as an example of excellence in public education and community partnership. MAOS’s purpose is to provide an exceptional learning opportunity that is accessible to all motivated students, not only those who can afford private school tuition. To be considered for acceptance, students must submit a seven-page application, which includes transcripts from 7th and 8th grades, two teacher recommendations, and a written essay. MAOS students come from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and MAOS offers each student a unique, affordable, and challenging high school education.

The Big Idea

The Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science is located within Monterey High School and provides a competitive, rigorous curriculum that has helped hundreds of socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students be successful in college. This exceptional learning opportunity serves motivated students from all backgrounds and offers unmatched educational experiences in collaboration with local marine-related programs and a unique 80-hour internship program. This nonprofit’s Big Idea supports MAOS by providing general operating support for this unique four-year college preparatory program.

I’m so thankful to have been a part of MAOS; the meaningful connections, amazing people, and integral mentors really shaped my high school career. I truly would not have had the amazing college opportunities had it not been for the MAOS mentorship and community. Kelly Harvell, age 19, Salinas CA MAOS Class of 2020, currently attending Stanford University.

- Kelly Harvell

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