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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

MAOS (Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science)


The Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science, located at Monterey High School, prepares public high school students from throughout Monterey County for academic and career success. This is accomplished through a challenging curriculum enhanced by collaboration with the many marine related academic programs, research organizations and businesses in the area. Students achieve success through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to science and technology, with an emphasis on real-world problems, contact with oceanographic experts, hands-on science labs, field studies, and internships.

The Big Idea

We are respectfully asking for funding for General Operating Support. MAOS prepares high school students for college success utilizing the Monterey area’s rich pool of marine science-related resources. Challenging curriculum offerings, hands-on lab experiences, field studies, research projects and a unique Internship Program distinguish our four-year college preparatory program as an example of excellence in public education and community partnership. MAOS’s purpose is to provide an exceptional learning opportunity that is accessible to all students, not only those who can afford private school tuition. MAOS faculty instruct MAOS students and collaborate outside of the classroom to prepare lesson plans, organize field studies, and lab activities, in addition to developing cross-curricular activities.

MAOS has introduced me to an intelligent, highly motivated, close-knit group of people who I am proud to call my friends. MAOS’s “school within a school” structure provides access to around the clock resources and one-on-one instruction. My favorite aspect of MAOS is the amazing faculty. The teachers and staff truly care about our well-being and put in the effort to connect with each student on a personal level.

- Katelyn Baggett