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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Monterey Bay Charter School


Inspire Joyful Learning and Courageous Living!

The Big Idea

Monterey Bay Charter School aims to empower teachers to strengthen early childhood literacy. Because the English language is uniquely challenging in its complexity with phonics, grammar and vocabulary, Monterey Bay Charter is increasing its efforts to strengthen early literacy through its Empowering Early Literacy Program. Their goal is to support the young learners and the teachers by investing in curriculum packets, a library of diverse early-reader books and training for teachers.

Monterey Bay Charter School turned my oldest son around! At his first school he didn’t feel that he was part of something, and struggled to find motivation. [Monterey Bay Charter] was immediately different for him, and for our family. The culture of the school is warm, inclusive and value-based. It means so much to see both of our sons have such vital relationships with their teachers and classmates. The school fosters social responsibility, finding your own compass and your unique talents. Every student that attends this publicly funded school gets amazing opportunities that don’t exist at most schools: blacksmithing, woodworking, gardening, singing, instrumental music, yearly field trips, and more. The school experience builds self-confidence and a joy of learning. It’s been amazing to interact with graduates who leave as strong students, and also as well-rounded individuals.

- Ashlei Plonsky