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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust


To advance the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Monterey Bay fisheries.

The Big Idea

Commercial fishing is deeply ingrained in the history, culture, and identity of Monterey Bay, yet over the past few decades the commercial fishing industry has struggled. The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust is uniquely positioned to partner with the fishing industry, municipal leaders, and conservation organizations to achieve a balance between a healthy ocean ecosystem and a healthy seafood economy. They hope to strengthen the viability of local commercial fishing businesses by protecting local fishing rights; increase the availability of—and demand for—local, sustainable, source-identified seafood; ensure that lost fishing gear is removed from the bay before it can pose a threat to marine life or safety; and unite diverse stakeholder groups to achieve a common vision of conservation-based fisheries management.

The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust has been working with fishermen to help us continue fishing and sustain our livelihoods. I’ve been able to lease fishing rights from the Trust, which has allowed me and my crew to participate in the groundfish fishery. The fact that the trust is available as a resource has been a life saver.

- Jerry Wetle

We’re In This Together

Nonprofits are more important that ever in this trying time. Monterey County Gives! was created to support the local nonprofit community's Big Ideas (and programs). And thanks to your participation and generosity, Monterey County Gives! raised over $5.3 million for 163 local nonprofits in 2019.

MCGives! has now raised and contributed over $27 million dollars since its inception ten years ago. That’s astounding. And wonderful. Thank you to all our Partners, Sponsors, nonprofit Board Directors, staff and volunteers — and each of our 4,902 donors. We did it, together.

APPLY FOR Monterey County Gives!

The 2020 Monterey County Gives! RFP (for applying nonprofits) is active until August 1. Monterey County Gives! 2020 campaign kicks off in early November.