Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Monterey Bay Sports League


The Monterey Bay Sports League is committed to bringing together diverse cultures of all age groups in the Monterey County. Our goal is to build integrity and encourage self esteem in a friendly competitive environment through team play while simultaneously building camaraderie and lasting relationships through the exercise of body as well as mind. Our goal is to provide the county of Monterey, a youth soccer league and promote good sportsmanship, team work, and integrity. We would like to build and develop better soccer players in the area. Our main focus is the youth: we would like to improve their skills and abilities both as a person and soccer player. We would also like to provide a guidance to keep the youth away from negative influences. We would also ensure a mind set to help develop players that would like to play at the collegiate level.

The Big Idea

Kids in Monterey County would have access to soccer education, drills, and games with an expanded soccer coaching pool that includes not only parents, but high school and college-age students.

Currently MBSL has 50 youth soccer teams, and only about 36 volunteer coaches that are mostly parents and some must coach multiple teams. At times, kids are turned away because there are not enough coaches for the teams. Similar to other community-based programs, MBSL seeks funding to expand its program to have more coaches. High school and college age students would earn extra income while making a positive impression on our youth. The project would result in more youth actively involved in fitness and involved in their community.

“I enjoying playing for MBSL because it’s the only place I can learn all soccer, life, friendship, and teamwork. The technique we are using to make us better can be found at no other club which makes us unpredictable. The friendships I have are going to grow into better ones on and off the field.”

— Isabella Licea, Age 10, Monterey