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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Monterey Country Dance Community (MCDC)


MCDC provides dance opportunities to its members and the Monterey Bay area community.  We provide a variety of dance traditions rooted in English and North American culture; the common thread that binds them together is their celebration of human togetherness and collaboration.  These are living traditions that speak to the needs of the present.

The Big Idea

The Monterey Country Dance Community celebrates human togetherness and collaboration through various dance traditions. Their Big Idea—called Put Down The Phone: Constructing Social Networks Through Conversation While Dancing—aims to get people off of their screens and into community through structured conversations while dancing, creating a culture of inclusion in a safe environment for all ages, ethnicities, genders, physical abilities and social levels. Put Down the Phone is a way for people to have a face-to-face conversation while doing a simple two-step dance. Partners change at every dance tune, so that different combinations of people face each other and converse during a free one-hour session.

I find contra dancing to be a great way to share a love of music and dance with others. I get to meet new people, get exercise, and have a blast all at once. And I love that we get to experience live, traditional music at every dance.

- Jean Chapin