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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Monterey County Sheriff's Advisory Council (SAC)


SAC’s mission is to assist the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department in providing efficient, effective, and professional law enforcement to the citizens of this County. This includes raising funds to make accessible materials, equipment, and training for use by the Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies that would not otherwise be available, and assisting the Sheriff’s Department and other Monterey County law enforcement agencies in increasing public awareness of programs and policies of these agencies.

The Big Idea

SAC is the non-profit arm of the Monterey County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) that raises funds for our VOLUNTEER public safety units, emergency equipment and training for the MCSO.

"After laboriously working my way up Miller Creek for two and a half days and becoming disoriented, I was broadcasting emergency alerts on my HAM radio when a miracle occurred: my message and location had been received! I was rescued by deputies and volunteers from the Monterey County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue unit (MCSO SAR). Later, I was lifted out via CHP helicopter. I was able to drive home to a very relieved family at the end of the fifth day of my originally scheduled three-day trip (!) The events of those five days were pretty traumatic (though probably more traumatic for my poor wife waiting at home for news). There is no way I can adequately express the gratitude I feel to the volunteers of MCSO SAR for saving my life!"

- Eduardo N