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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Monterey History and Art Association


To collect, preserve and own paintings, sketches, drawings, records, books, manuscripts, charts and other material pertaining to the history and art of Monterey and California, and to assist and further all such projects and activities; to have and to hold, to buy and sell such property, both real and personal, as may be necessary to carry out the objects of the creation of this organization; to do and to perform every act and thing necessary to carry out the above purposes.

The Big Idea

The historic gardens of Monterey are a hidden gem, and many of the gardens are open to the public. The Doud House, owned by Monterey History and Art Association, was first occupied in 1868 and is one of the few wooden houses of the early American period that is still standing. Many of the Victorian garden features, such as the two arbors and white picket fences are in need of repair. Monterey History and Art Association would like to reopen the Doud House garden to the public five afternoons each week. We would like local residents and visitors to stroll through the garden under the grape arbor and sit on the benches beneath the climbing roses and feel as if time has stood still, and for a fleeting moment they are a part of Monterey’s past.

Please help MHAA bring one of Monterey’s forgotten gardens back to Life! Tucked behind the historic Doud House in the middle of Old Monterey, the garden was once a beautiful and peaceful space, with benches, climbing roses and other plants. Through the years the garden has faded and crumbled. The Association wants to bring it back to life, so we can all enjoy its beauty and tranquility when visiting the Mayo Hayes O’Donnell Library—another very historic building right next door! Be a part of history and beauty rediscovered!

- Kip Hudson