Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Monterey Hostel Society


To help people of all ages – especially young people – to gain greater knowledge, understanding, and love of the world, thus helping to develop happier, stronger, finer and more wholesome lives, to increase awareness and appreciation of diversity. (from Bylaws)

The Big Idea

Getting to Know You will involve travelers with the local community through engaging and exciting programs and activities that encourage conversation, participation and intercultural exchange.

Getting to know travelers and locals by spending time together, preparing and sharing meals and conversation, we are no longer strangers. We’ve learned more about ourselves and others. Most guests feeling like the world is a much friendlier place because of the travelers they have met and the community they’ve experienced. So many nationalities staying together under one roof provides an environment for creating programs that demonstrate the value of various cultures, fostering tolerance and understanding. Plus, the Hostel provides the county’s most affordable ecofriendly accommodations. It supports volunteering help with the planned ecohostel at Fort Ord. MCGives! donations will help with the cost of planning and hosting events and experiences connecting travelers with the local community by hospitality and activities that encourage conversations, participation, intercultural exchange and more mindful travel.

I was very moved by the local panel presentation on the James Baldwin based film “I Am Not Your Negro”. It was in honor of Black History Month. The panelists shared their experiences and it was clear that they each had really lived the history. I was particularly inspired by longtime activist Helen Rucker. The hostel visitors also joined the discussion. I have enjoyed more travel oriented programs in the past but this one lead me to see the film, read “Waking Up White “ and discuss racial issues in my community. Well Done!

— Jane Britton, Pacific Grove