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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Monterey Jazz Festival


Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF) celebrates the legacy of jazz, expands its boundaries, and provides opportunities to experience jazz through the creative production of performances and educational programs.

The Big Idea

Working with renowned jazz musicians for 62 years, Monterey Jazz Festival incorporates the highest quality teaching artists for their educational experience and musical accomplishments, particularly through their Monterey Jazz in the Schools program. The teaching artists are all alumni of MJF education programs and represent the diversity of the students they serve. In class, students perform side-by-side with world-class professional performing artists, learning about the music and instruments, and developing long-lasting relationships. The program is customized to each school, allowing the teaching artists to encourage students and instructors with a more personal experience and to address the unique needs of each site. MJF also holds a professional development workshop with teachers to help them create a learning experience best suited to their students’ needs and skill level.

I would like to thank the Monterey Jazz Festival. My school and students have benefited greatly from the support of the Jazz in the Schools program. The traveling clinicians are excellent, and we’ve found their input to be one of the reasons Pacific Grove Middle School has continued to develop its jazz program. It has been an amazing opportunity for my students to experience the hands-on approach and close contact with such amazing artists.

- Barbara Priest