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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Monterey Museum of Art


The Monterey Museum of Art cultivates curiosity in the visual arts and engages community with the diversity of California art—past, present, and future.

The Big Idea

People interact with art in different ways for a variety of reasons, and the Monterey Museum of Art seeks to foster that range of interactions – both within its walls and beyond. The museum is working toward building back up to its pre-pandemic capacity to reach and serve everyone in Monterey County through art and experience. Though the museum is again open, it is at a limited capacity; MMA will use funds from MCGives! to increase staffing and hours to reach more viewers. MMA believes that everyone benefits from interaction with art, spurring not just inspiration and reflection but also dialogue about complex issues, and looks to continue providing that.

The Museum’s virtual Art of the State Symposium on Chicanx/Latinx art was wonderful. A close friend also attended. As Spanish teachers years ago, she and I attended many programs about Chicano art. We enjoyed hearing Amalia Mesa-Bains and Judy Baca again and learning about new generations of artists. My friend was impressed with the depth of the sessions. I found Juan Felipe Herrera's invocation message of ‘kindness’ combined with the Aztec concept of ‘floricanto’ or ‘flower and song’ very inspiring. As I listened to the presentations, I pulled Chicano art books off my bookshelf and reviewed works with which I was familiar. Afterwards, I went online to learn more about the younger artists working now. It was an opportunity to hear artists discuss what the role of museums should be and of artists' relationships to them. Thank you for making the symposium possible.

- Karen Steadman

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

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