Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Monterey Peace and Justice Center


To Inspire and Mobilize the people of Monterey County to Cultivate Peace, Social Justice, Nonviolence, Democracy, and Environmental Sustainability in our Community and the World through Education and Advocacy. Motto: Peace, not war. Social justice, not inequality. We will be a catalyst for change. "

The Big Idea

The ongoing inflammatory rhetoric targeting undocumented immigrants and minority groups in the U.S. has fueled much fear and distrust towards them. Such “othering” is a practice observed throughout our nation’s history to justify the denial of human rights and the exclusion of indigenous people, migrants, and ethnic minorities. In response, MPJC's Big Idea is to present a series of events that honor and celebrate our cultural pluralism in Monterey County. Our aim is to build cross-cultural bridges through understanding, respect, and transformational reconciliation. Programming will include opportunities to examine the misinformation, stereotypes, and biases that affect our own attitudes and behaviors. In a workshop, we will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to become allies and change agents in combating prejudice and discrimination. We will invite members of our community to participate in intercultural engagement to share experiences, struggles, and hopes through listening, dialogue, art, film, and action.

The Peace Center is a community resource, a place where people come together to learn about critical local, national, and global issues. It's a place to imagine a better world and then work together to find ways to transform those ideas into effective actions.

- David Pacheco