Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Monterey Peace and Justice Center


To Inspire and Mobilize the people of Monterey County to Cultivate Peace, Social Justice, Nonviolence, Democracy, and Environmental Sustainability in our Community and the World through Education and Advocacy.

Motto: Peace, not war. Social justice, not inequality. We will be a catalyst for change. ”

The Big Idea

Finding voice for civic engagement is critical for each and every citizen in a democracy, where improving our society and protecting human rights is an ongoing pursuit.

Citizens in a democracy have a responsibility to participate, not just in the voting booth. Citizenship is a learning process requiring skills and knowledge to participate effectively in governance. Making our voices heard and respected by elected leaders is essential to that process. MPJC will focus on the power of our voices to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable society. Voices for change can take many forms, such as social media, storytelling, music, humor, theater, and nonviolent resistance using arts, literature, and cultural traditions.

The series will explore the various forms our voices take and will draw upon the insights of local grassroots organizers who have waged successful campaigns addressing social justice and environmental sustainability issues. MPJC advocates for human rights issues that matter most to our communities. By lifting our voices together, we seek to power the change and the future we want to see for our community.

The Monterey Peace and Justice Center promotes an active citizenry by providing community meeting space and resources needed to organize timely, informed and effective grassroots action with local voices, all of which are essential for a sustained Democracy.

– Peggy Olsen, Past Chair of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), life-long peace activist

— Peggy Olsen, Age 80, Monterey, CA