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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Monterey Peace and Justice Center


To inspire and Mobilize the people of Monterey County to cultivate Peace, Social Justice, Nonviolence, Democracy, and Environmental Sustainability in our Community and the World through Education and Advocacy.

The Big Idea

The Monterey Peace and Justice Center advocates for social justice, democracy and an environmentally sustainable life for everyone. As our country grapples with the impacts of the pandemic and a dire economic outlook, this nonprofit aims to seize the moment as a catalyst for exploring new approaches to our economic future. They are working on programming that will examine historical economic models in contrast to new paradigms that place value on non-marketable goods, products and resources, such as the work of caring for people and our environment. They will invite the public to participate in educational forums and community discussions around cooperative economic systems that employ true wealth indicators.

The Monterey Peace and Justice Center offers a consistent program of lectures, lively discussions, film screenings, live music and more. It's a vital community gathering place, even in this new world of virtual reality.

- Laurie Singer