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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Monterey Public Library Friends and Foundation


The Monterey Public Library Friends & Foundation exists: to establish closer relations between Monterey Public Library and the people it serves; to promote informed interest in the function, resources, services, and needs of the Library, to confer with the Board of Library Trustees (who are appointed by the City Council of the City of Monterey) and the staff of the Library on matters relating to the welfare of the Library; to stimulate gifts and bequests for the benefit of the Library; and to support the development of programs for the extension and improvement of the Library’s services and resources consistent with the Library’s missions and goals.

The Big Idea

Imagine a new place for children and families to learn, play, and engage in a safe and inspiring setting. Given how crucial reading together is for language and literacy development, we believe libraries should have a major role in helping parents and children interact and play in meaningful ways to increase children’s vocabulary, help develop early language and literacy skills, and prepare them for success in school. Our revitalized space will welcome family interaction, with developmental toys, books, and comfortable seating dedicated to caregiver-child engagement. The thoughtfully planned space will strengthen parents’/caregivers’ abilities to develop their child’s early language and literacy skills. Families are balancing so much these days, and it truly takes a village to provide the care, education, and guidance our children deserve. We're honored to be a resource for families looking to engage with their children and support their love of learning.

The Library means a fun way for my family to learn while connecting to each other and our community. It’s a place where resources are shared and people gather to learn and grow.

- Marie Smith