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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Monterey Public Library Friends and Foundation


The Monterey Public Library Friends & Foundation serves to provide support through funding and volunteers to California’s first library, the Monterey Public Library. For 174 years, the library has provided services to the Monterey Peninsula and Monterey County in times of economic hardship, public health and social crisis, and widespread misinformation and disinformation. Libraries are more important than ever. The MPL Friends & Foundation supports timely and relevant programs and services with the goal of making sure that every child and individual in our community has access to exploration and learning that will allow them to achieve their full potential. As an incubator and access point of opportunity, the programs and services transcends books, and promotes access, exploration, diversity, and discovery in programs that touch all ages of our community from the infant to the elderly.

The Big Idea

MPL is a cherished public location for learning, gathering, and programs; meeting community needs by providing access to learning resources. There is also value in learning art through action and discovery. Art can transform understanding and appreciation of the world in all its diversity, while boosting literacy skills and cultivating a deeper love of learning. I HeART Libraries for Literacy has an inclusive three way approach: increase art program offerings for all ages that are accessible throughout the year and free; as an early adopter of a sharing economy, we will elevate local artists through lending local art; and add a mural to infuse warmth and inspiration to the building. “A picture is worth a thousand words” but those words inspire one thousand unique words for each person that interprets it. We will add inspiration and accessibility to art as we build, share, and promote, art literacy as a community.

Working at the library as a muralist was a dream experience for me. The staff were friendly, welcoming and accommodating to me and my assistant. The mural process was embraced from start to finish which is all an artist could ask for. I am grateful to be involved with a library that celebrates and elevates local artists.

- Natalia Corazza