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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Monterey State Historic Park Association


MSHPA mission is to preserve the historic buildings and cultural heritage of Monterey, California so that all may experience the special place through interpretation, education and special events programs.

The Big Idea

Monterey State Historic Park Association (MSHPA) has long understood the importance of hands-on learning when it comes to history. Among the programs it supports are elementary school California history, through the Los Niños program, a one-week summer camp for fourth-graders. MSHPA has typically offered Los Niños as a morning-only program, but hopes to extend the program to a full day by hiring needed staff and interns. In addition to offering more learning, a full-day program is more accessible to many families when it comes to scheduling needs and child care. The goal is to expand the Los Niños program to more participants and create additional scholarships using MCGives! funds, enabling more families to allow their children to participate. High school students will also be brought in to learn by working with younger children.

Year after year, children would look forward to participating in Los Ninos, the summer children’s program offered by Monterey State Historic Park. There was something about dressing up as Californios and working with their hands that would carry them back to that bygone era. The teachers would demonstrate a skill such as churning butter, carding wool or making rope, and the children would repeat the steps as a group, helping and encouraging one another. Their effort was well worth it once they could taste the tortillas they had made or stacked the sun-dried adobe bricks they had formed. Class time was devoted to learning the history and culture of the people who settled Monterey and their life style before modern conveniences. The children delighted in playing games and singing songs which have become part of our traditions. The best way to appreciate the past is to live it.

- Lindy Perez

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

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