Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Monterey Symphony


The mission of the Monterey Symphony is to engage, educate and excite our community through the performance and continual discovery of symphonic music.

The Big Idea

Monterey Symphony performs 6 FREE Youth Concerts at Sunset Center, with bus scholarships to allow students from Monterey County’s least served schools to experience great classical music, played live!

The Monterey Symphony has been inviting children into the wonderful world of live classical music since 1967. This year, 6 FREE Youth Concerts will be performed at Carmel’s Sunset Center for over 4,000 students from every corner of Monterey County, with bus scholarships available to make a field trip possible for even the most distant and least resourced schools.

Student engagement at Youth Concerts is amplified by child-centered narration from stage and pre-concert assemblies offered at each school by the Symphony’s musicologist, Dr. Todd Samra. With programming that includes instrument families, composer biographies, theater etiquette and listening activities, children of all ages and backgrounds are introduced to the rich history and exciting sounds of a symphony orchestra and are welcomed into a worldwide community of music lovers.

The Monterey Symphony is committed to offering its Youth Concerts completely free of charge, and believes the new Bus Scholarship program will help offset school districts’ transportation costs and give every Monterey County student the opportunity to enjoy a memorable, magical field trip to experience great classical music, played live!

“What a wonderful experience for our students! The exposure to the art and music was very meaningful. Most of my students live in Castroville and have never even been to Carmel! Especially to a live performance in such a beautiful venue. We were lucky enough to secure a grant/donation for the bussing, to be able to attend. Thank You!”
(3rd grade teacher , Echo Valley Elementary School, regarding Monterey Symphony Youth Concert on October 24, 2016)

— Elizabeth Morales, Prunedale