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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Monterey Symphony


To engage, educate and excite our community through the performance and continual discovery of symphonic music.

The Big Idea

This is Monterey County’s big resident orchestra, offering big symphonic music – but adapting. During the pandemic, the Monterey Symphony featured its artists as soloists in outdoor performances in its Balcony Sessions series. Now they plan to return to orchestral performances, and to select a new music director while doing so. The community is invited to come see four concerts from February through May in 2022. Each of the four concerts will feature a finalist for the job as conductor.

what was more spectacular … your opening poem or sweater? AND! What a spectacular concert! THANK YOU FOR LIFTING OUR SPIRITS. You lifted our spirits when I confess to feeling a bit blue over today’s state of being. (from December 2020)

- Neal Whitman

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

Monterey County Gives! launches November 10th, 2022.

The RFP for 2022 is now closed.