Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

MPC Foundation


The Monterey Peninsula College Foundation creates opportunities for students and enhances the learning environment at MPC by fundraising and friend raising. The philosophy that "education is the means by which people may reach their full potential" drives the Foundation's enrichment programs and commitment to student success.

The Big Idea

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” His visionary words are still relevant as our entire community benefits from an educated workforce. Contributions to the MPC Foundation are a sound investment in the future of college hopefuls. Recognizing that education is the key to better employment opportunities, the MPC Foundation provides a support network to help financially struggling students stay on track to a college education. The College Incentive Program serves students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds and provides personal mentoring, academic counseling, and financial assistance. This allows students to work fewer hours and concentrate on their courses. Scholarship support is awarded as students reach key milestones with financial incentives for those who transfer to a four-year college or university. The Foundation’s Textbook Assistance Program provides textbook vouchers to students who face the dilemma of dropping a course, or not enrolling, because they cannot afford the required book. The Foundation offers emergency financial assistance to students who experience hardships that threaten their ability to remain in school.

As the middle child in a family of seven, college never seemed like a reality to me. Both of my parents have a sixth grade education and college was never talked about in my home. However, through the MPC Foundation’s College Incentive Program I found the help to get through my first year at MPC. My first semester, I did all of my homework on my phone. By the time I got my second scholarship check, I was able to buy a computer. I don’t have a car and I commute three hours every day for school. I could easily go to another college closer to my house, but I hop on the bus and come to MPC because of the people who work for the College Incentive Program. They mentor me, give me the skills to succeed in college and help me to not feel alone. They have helped make my college experience much easier. MPC is the pathway to my future!

- Yuliana