Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

MY Museum- Monterey County Youth Museum


To provide an environment where curiosity and creativity flourish, while both children and adults learn together through experience.

The Big Idea

After a decade on the road, MY Museum’s Wheelie Mobilee is in need of new exhibits, so help send more fun to the kids who can’t come!

A great community partnership allows MY Museum to go into neighborhoods and serve those that need us the most. We do this through our Wheelie Mobilee outreach program. This programs serves tens of thousands of children and their families of lower socioeconomic areas from King City to Castroville each year. We have a fun new idea and we hope you will be a part of it!

In alignment with MY Museum’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) initiative, we think now is the time to add more STEAM to the Wheelie Mobilee. We are ready for a new exhibit called the LiteZilla™!!! LiteZilla™ is a handcrafted, glowing, interactive canvas. People of all ages and capabilities can illuminate designs, patterns and messages using enormous colored LitePins™. LiteZilla™ provides engaging learning experiences through experiential, playful, kid-driven fun. It promotes positive play with the exploration of light, art, and color. With your help the Wheelie Mobilee will include a free-standing LiteZilla™ providing another hand-on experience and MORE fun on the run!

My daughter and I love the museum! I bought passes when we moved to the area and have never regretted the purchase. We go about once a week and never tire of the place. I would like to add, that I have no problem that the museum charges the parents for entrance into the place. The cost clearly keeps the museum running, clean, and a great spot to take children to educationally explore, with new exhibits added every six months!

— Harmony True, Monterey