Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

MY Museum


To provide an environment where curiosity and creativity flourish, while both children and adults learn together through experience.

The Big Idea

Museums for All is a cooperative initiative between the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) to encourage increased and regular museum attendance by low-income and underserved families. MY Museum believes every child deserves rich and diverse museum experiences. Our commitment to accessibility pushes us to always seek new ways of removing barriers to museum-going for every member of Monterey County.

Any family that qualifies for state food assistance and is in possession of an EBT card (known as the Link card) or WIC ID can simply present the card or ID to receive admission for up to six people for $2 per person. There must be at least one adult and one child 15 years old or younger to qualify for the Museums for All admission rate.

There is something magical about this place for a walking toddler with an appetite to explore as each "section" contains various activities that allow young children of different ages to directly interact and sate their curiosity. But for a young parent as myself, it is the ability to see their curious minds at work that makes the drive, the tab, the time and everything all that comes with it worth it. You's laid out in such a cool way that exploring minds are put to work. Each section so different from the last one that for a young mind, it is truly spectacular. It is also streamlined so no time is ever wasted in the process.

You could watch your child, the love of your life, explore and giggle with joy at each section as he for the first time in his little life realize that he can actually process things and show his growth beyond his physical limits.

- Jireh H.