Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

National Alliance on Mental Illness, Monterey County


NAMI Monterey County offers hope and reduction of stigma associated with mental illness through education, advocacy, service access, and support for families and their loved ones living with mental illness. To this end, we seek to enhance the quality and fulfillment of their lives through wellness and recovery.

The Big Idea

The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides training opportunities for its signature programs to volunteers across California. Those programs include Advocacy, Family-to-Family, a Familia-a-Familia and Peer-to-Peer. "Team NAMI" would fund travel and training expenses for Monterey County's corps of volunteers. It would also fund at least one local teacher-training program in Monterey County, as well as community education events in both English and Spanish throughout the county.

When my daughter was hit with her illness, I was confused and afraid. I couldn't find the help I needed in order to understand what was happening to her. My oldest daughter did some research on the computer and found NAMI and we attended our first NAMI event in Marina in 2014.

NAMI has transformed me and my family! We couldn’t have done this journey without the help of NAMI, their classes, the care and the experience each and every volunteer and staff member gives. To this day, I have not found any other organization that educates family members — that understands families — like NAMI does. Because of NAMI, my loving daughter who struggles with mental health now receives all the love and strength from all our family members to cope with her mental health condition. I don’t feel alone, and I know she’s not alone.

- Rosa Gonzalez