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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

National Coalition Building Institute Monterey County


National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Monterey County assists schools, communities, nonprofits, public and private agencies seeking to understand the roots and effects of systemic racism and oppression, in order to work towards equity and inclusion.

The Big Idea

In the wake of the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and racism, NCBI provides opportunities to heal and take action. They are responding to increased requests from schools and community groups for training to understand the roots and impact of racial and social inequity, and the skills to make positive change. They will continue to collaborate with local social justice organizations, and support leaders of color and rising young leaders in their activism. They will support young people, as schools and communities find their way in the COVID environment. NCBI is planning new CommUNITY Conversations to increase understanding of key social justice issues, heal from the impact of oppression, and strengthen leadership for a more equitable and inclusive community.

The astonishing thing about NCBI is the breadth of support they offer to various communities within our county. They develop leaders and programming in local school districts, produce excellent programs such as their CommUNITY Conversations for the community-at-large, work in collaboration with the CSU Monterey Bay NCBI affiliate, and sponsor or support other developing non-profits such as Monterey Peninsula Pride and the anti-racist organization White for Racial Equity. NCBI Monterey County helped organize a public memorial in response to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre in 2016 that targeted LGBTQ+ people of color, and participated in the public mourning of the Charleston Church shooting that targeted African American Christians. When identity-based oppression occurs, NCBI Monterey County is on the scene offering healing, support, programming and leadership towards a better world.

- Steven Goings