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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

National Steinbeck Center


The National Steinbeck Center understands that shared knowledge around the written word, art and film enriches communities and helps all thrive and engage in a global society. Equity, diversity and access to literature, art, film and education are critical to the ongoing work of the National Steinbeck Center.

We recognize that at the heart of modern museum work is a tension between our mission to preserve the past, and a moral obligation to confront bias and inequities entangled with that inheritance. As an Institution and individuals, we commit to advancing racial equity and inclusion now and in the future as a foundation to address other disadvantages or forms of inequality. To fulfill our Mission, our commitment means including, serving, resourcing, validating and centering our colleagues and community members of color on an institutional and individual level.

The Big Idea

At the National Steinbeck Center, the education team has created a targeted curriculum designed for Middle school students to share their creativity and imagination through their writing. After their writing is complete, the National Steinbeck Center will host an awards night for the participants, and then culminate their work published in an anthology book for each student to have their work showcased for the world to see.

We always enjoy taking our groups to the National Steinbeck Center! The space is great and the guides always take into consideration the works that the students are reading and make sure to tailor their teachings and tours to the students!

- York Students