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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Youth on Course


To provide youth with access to life-changing opportunities through golf.

The Big Idea

At Youth on Course, we believe transformational change starts with access to opportunity. The price of a round of golf shouldn’t be a barrier for a young person who wants to get outside, exercise and play for recreation. Beyond the physical benefits for the youth of Monterey County, golf teaches important life lessons, including integrity, communication skills, and how to overcome adversity—each round is filled with learning potential. By providing YOC members with access to play rounds of golf at more than 1,800 public courses and facilities nationwide for $5 or less, as well as opportunities for employment and college scholarships, Youth on Course is growing the game and building a community of passionate young people who can experience the life-changing opportunities that golf provides.

“To be a YOC member means being part of an amazing community that supports and guides youth through the world of golf. I’ve learned many valuable lessons from YOC [that] aren’t restricted just to golf, but extend to the rest of my life. It’s not just the rules that matter, but the relationships that can come from having a conversation during a golf game. Because of the opportunity YOC gives me to play golf at a reduced cost, I have gained a lifelong hobby that connects me to others: friends, adults, even one of my teachers. I truly believe YOC is an amazing organization that offers an opportunity that everyone should know about because it helps build character out on the golf course that can be applied to life.”

- Angel Lopez