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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Old Monterey Foundation


The OLD MONTEREY FOUNDATION, a California non-profit, public benefit corporation, was formed on February 14, 2011, with the specific mission and purpose of promoting, supporting and enhancing the artistic, cultural and historic environment of historic Downtown Monterey, California.

The Big Idea

Welcome to Monterey! Our big idea is to create murals in historic downtown Monterey. Celebrating the uniqueness of our community, murals have the opportunity to tell the incredible history of Monterey, create a unique experience, engage citizens,, increase appreciation for the arts and artists, and increase overall attractiveness of the space. From bears to sea otters, Monterey Bay to our lush green hills, and to Cannery Row and John Steinbeck +Ed Ricketts.

Since its inception, the Old Monterey Foundation has been a driving force in preserving and celebrating the culture, history and whimsey of downtown Monterey. From public art to spearheading the renovation of the Lower Presidio Historic Park, they have enhanced the culture and community spirit of downtown Monterey. The Old Monterey Foundation is the dynamic bridge between the bold past and the ever-promising future of California's most historic city.

- Peter Cofresi