Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019


The mission of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, an educational program for adults 50 and better, is to offer fresh, stimulating courses that challenge the mind. We serve lifelong learners who are eager to explore traditional and new areas of knowledge -- without exams and grades.

The Big Idea

OLLI offers a variety of opportunities for mature adults to continue their quest for lifelong learning with intellectual, cultural and social experiences that allow them to grow and stimulate their sense of wonder. Lifelong learning keeps the mind active and engaged. Cultivating a curious mind throughout life is not only rewarding and fulfilling, it can improve overall quality of life. The continuing education is not skill-based, like learning a language. Instead, students delve into subjects they may have been interested in for years but didn’t have the time or opportunity to pursue.

Our goal is to work with other like-minded organizations. We like to partner with other groups to bring educational opportunities to local residents. Among the organizations we currently collaborate with are the Center for Photographic Art, the World Affairs Council, the Gentrain Society and the Monterey Public Library. We would like to work with other groups to offer more courses and activities.

What a discovery, what a gift the OLLI program has been for me and my wife. In OLLI, we discovered the joys of writing poems and stories with exceptional writers Patrice Vecchione and Roxan McDonald and appreciating literature with the amazing Renee Curry. But there is much more, a delicious feast of topics ranging from movies, drama, art, current events, natural history, etc. … all drawn from a bevy of talented people who are happy to share their expertise with a bunch of enthusiastic seniors. I wish my college experience had been as exciting. (I guess there is some wisdom in George Bernard Shaw’s quote that “education is wasted on the young.”) A special bonus of OLLI has been finding new friends who share similar interests. Retirement would not be the same without this program.

- David Epel