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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

One Starfish


To serve those in need of shelter, financial security, and health care.

The Big Idea

Many people have lost their jobs or homes in the last year due to the pandemic or other circumstances. One Starfish’s safe parking and support program provides people without a home a safe place to stay in their vehicle. Having this kind of safe space – to legally park overnight, with access to sanitation and a degree of security that is not always available to people living in their cars – can help keep life from spiraling out of control. One Starfish is looking to expand these facilities and services to serve more of the homeless population.

The assistance that I received from One Starfish was truly a life saver. When I was forced to live in my vehicle, I quickly began losing hope. Money was tight, I was having a hard time getting ahold of my disability lawyers, I was just in a bad place altogether. The patience, the humanity, and the assistance I received really did wonders to help lift my spirits. I didn't feel hopeless, I felt like I had someone on my team, actively wanting to help me in any way they could. Without them, I'm not sure where I'd be today. I'm just grateful for where I am, and the people that helped me get here.


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