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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Orchestra in the Schools


"Orchestra in the Schools works to Inspire success for all children through music." Our vision is to cultivate the joy of musical expression. We are creating opportunities for young musicians to build confidence. OITS believes the study of music guides young students to become responsible adults who appreciate artistic beauty in all aspects of life. Participating in and enjoying organized activity that requires attention, cooperation, and dedication leads to personal success and self-confidence. Our goal is to create healthy citizens for our future communities.

The Big Idea

Orchestra in the Schools seeks to provide students with education, joy and inspiration through the playing and learning of orchestral music. The nonprofit believes that music can be a guiding force in life and offering positive, nurturing experiences within music can be key to creating better people. They are looking to cover tuition expenses for more students, so all may be able to experience the beauty of learning through music. This includes providing each student with an instrument to play for the year.

OITS is a great program for the children of Monterey County! They provide children with a unique opportunity to experience—and to fall in love with—the incredible world of music and performance. OITS is also a powerful socialization venue where every child interacts with different instructors as well as with children of different ages, background, and musical levels. The experience has an impact on the musical education the children receive, but it also has the virtue of teaching them the important values of cultural competency and discipline. In my opinion, OITS is a great—perhaps the best—alternative to complete any child’s primary education in Monterey County. OITS is an organization that fosters the children’s artistic interests and provides them with a unique opportunity to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility vis-a ̀-vis the collective efforts of an orchestra.

- Luis A Bergolla

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