Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Orchestra in the Schools


"Inspire success for all children through music." The vision of Orchestra in the Schools is to cultivate the joy of musical expression. We are creating opportunities for young musicians to build confidence through the rigor and cooperation required to produce music together. OITS envisions these young students becoming responsible adults who appreciate artistic beauty in all aspects of life. We are passionate about the need for children to use both sides of their brains. Participating and enjoying organized activity that requires attention, cooperation, practice and dedication gives personal success and self-confidence. Our goal is to create healthy citizens for our communities.

The Big Idea

Orchestra in the Schools provides quality musical instruction for beginning musicians. Children learn in small groups with excellent teachers. Many are provided with free use of an instrument during the year. Studies have shown that learning music helps to close the educational gap between students with affluent and lower income backgrounds. Orchestra in the Schools wants quality music education to be available to all interested parents and students. We have always offered tuition aid and have worked to keep our tuition low. Each student that enrolls in our program generates a $1000 to $1500 fundraising obligation for the organization. We never want to be in the position of having to turn a child away due to our lack of funding.

Dear Mr. Paoletti, My son Max is in his second year with OITS and, wow, what an amazing experience he's had! Max began playing the double bass last year … He really took a liking to playing, everything from jazz to the theme from Star Wars and even classical music as well. I think Max's success early on is a result of his OITS instructor, Bob Davies, who has a great rapport with his students and is full of encouragement …Knowing he is playing well and hearing his progress as a music student also builds up his confidence. He … really gets into his music when he is performing. He is a joy to watch and listen to. As a single mom on a budget I am truly appreciative of OITS, the instructors and especially Max having a double bass to use throughout the year and the keyboard piano in our living room. I know this is unusual and for this tremendous blessing and opportunity I am truly thankful.

- Solange Bitol