Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Orchestra in the Schools


“Inspire success for all children through music.” Orchestra in the Schools’ vision is to cultivate the joy of musical expression. We are creating opportunities for young musicians to build confidence through the rigor and cooperation required to produce music together. OITS envisions these young students becoming responsible adults who appreciate artistic beauty in all aspects of life. We are passionate about the need for children to use both sides of their brains. Participating and enjoying organized activity that requires attention, cooperation, practice and dedication gives personal success and self-confidence. Our goal is to create healthy citizens for our communities.

The Big Idea

Two selected string quartets from Orchestra in the Schools will perform for the Monterey County increasing outreach to elderly, service groups, and community events.

Orchestra in the Schools seeks to increase community outreach for the Monterey County by ‘Inspiring success through music’. This will be accomplished by creating two string quartets from the OITS advanced orchestra. Students will audition for this project. The quartets will practice weekly with a professional music instructor where they will learn to perform a variety of challenging music selections. Instruction will include advanced listening techniques for balance, intonation, and musical styles. Students will benefit from the individual attention which is given in small group settings helping to develop advanced musicianship.
Performances will be arranged throughout the community for the elderly, service groups, and community events. The two quartets will demonstrate their newly acquired performances techniques in these various settings. Our goal in developing this increased community outreach is to offer a venue to our students who are interested in advancing their musical skills and performance techniques while also benefiting our community with the opportunity of enjoying quality music performed by children from Orchestra in the Schools.

Thank you Mr. Paoletti for the positive impact you had on my life. Learning music laid the foundation for academic strength in math-related subjects. Your patience cultivated my interest in music to be enjoyable and a proud achievement. It’s vital to a successful and well-rounded education. I’m eternally grateful for the fond memories I have of playing music in OITS courtesy of you. You gave me the opportunity to perform with OITS awarding me a scholarship. I was fortunate to have you as my music professor and conductor. I believe that your love of music diffused through the air instilling a deeper love of music in your students. Memorable experiences were playing concerts, participating in practice, making friends with others who shared a common love. Thank you for giving me wonderful experiences of my childhood continuing to provide the same for our youth and future of tomorrow!

— Lisa (Singleton) Ortiz, Age 36, Chula Vista CA