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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Orphan Productions


To serve those in need of shelter, financial security, and health care.

The Big Idea

The goal of Orphan Productions is to serve those in need of shelter, financial security and healthcare. They are able to do this through their One Starfish safe parking and supportive services program, which protects those who have lost regular housing from dropping into unsafe conditions, including chronic homelessness. Sometimes people need a temporary place to sleep safely in their vehicle, and services to get to a more stable situation. The program empowers people to resolve income and health challenges so they can resume living healthy, productive lives. Orphan Productions hopes to expand their reach in preventing challenges from becoming permanent barriers to restoration and fulfillment by providing safe, temporary shelter, wrap- around support services and respect.

I stayed with various kindly friends for 2 years until they, too, had their own personal emergencies to deal with. I was in One Starfish’s Safe Parking program for 6 months. They provided a safe place for me to sleep in my car at night while I completed 6 months of intensive EDD Displaced Worker training. I initially found rewarding work in education, but now work for One Starfish to help others return to their regular lives.

- Hope Tadema