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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History


To inspire discovery, wonder, and stewardship of our natural world.

The Big Idea

As a living field guide for the community, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History immerses visitors in natural history, conservation and environmental education through the museum’s exhibits. Especially after over a year of screen time, it's critical to help reconnect people to nature. The museum does that by immersing students in environmental science field trips, engaging volunteers in community science programs and exploring nature with elementary students in camps, and offers programs for everyone from experienced naturalists to novices. The Big Idea is to continue providing people of all ages with ways to investigate and connect with the natural world, inspiring them to protect it.

Thank you very much for such an informative virtual field trip today! We learned so many new things that support our Adaptations Unit. I appreciate all of the planning you did to prepare for our class. You included the perfect balance of a variety of online graphics, videos, and charts. I also learned many new things, including the Monarch Super Generation and that Pronghorn Antelope are native to Monterey County. I also want to thank you for beautifully interacting with the class and the nice way you handled some of the challenges that come up during distance learning. -- Anne Madden, 3rd grade teacher at Monte Vista Elementary School

- Anne Madden

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