Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History


Mission statement: To inspire discovery, wonder, and stewardship of our natural world. Our vision statement: The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History inspires a diverse community to explore and conserve the natural and cultural wonders of the Central California Coast.

The Big Idea

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History serves as a community and educational science hub for all of Monterey County. Your continued financial support will be devoted to expanding access to diverse hands-on educational programming such as Science Saturdays and the STREAM Project (Scientific Training Research Education, and Monitoring): a suite of free school programs focused on empowering students by tracking environmental health.

Donated money will expand successful science and ecological outreach focusing specifically on our underserved youth and community. It will also be used to enrich our volunteer community in best practices for scientific, interpretive, and conservation education.

Additional allocated money will continue to provide strong educational partnerships with underserved schools by providing transportation, hosting teacher workshops, and summer youth programming.

By expanding our premiere environmental and science based educational programming, we continue to promote and empower the ecological stewards in all of us.

From the students viewpoint it is also a great project because it allows them to explore, a thing they don’t get to do as often as they should. They love the field trip, and even though we live near the ocean and they have been to the beach before, this is the first time that many of the have gone tidepooling. The first time that they have looked closely at the animals to compare them.

Without this great program, my students would miss out on the opportunity to see how real scientists work, they wouldn’t make a connection to the environment around them and they wouldn’t learn their expected curriculum as well without the meaning that the limpets program gives it.

Cassie Milam, Seaside Middle School Teacher

- Cassie Milam