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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Pacific Repertory Theatre


In celebrating the transforming power of the creative spirit, PacRep Theatre produces bold and daring interpretations of the great plays from the world stage -- plays that engage, excite, educate and inspire --presenting a world-class theatrical experience.

The Big Idea

PacRep Theatre produces plays aimed to engage, excite, educate and inspire audiences. Like so many arts organizations, PacRep—now in its 37th year—has been forced to cancel its 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unable to re-open for the foreseeable future, PacRep is striving to maintain minimal operations while keeping their small staff together and is focusing on expediting needed renovations while they cannot perform. That means starting phase two on needed renovation of the Golden Bough Playhouse. Even while the stage is dark, the nonprofit theater company continues to incur expenses—not only salaries and medical benefits for staff, but also overhead costs of maintaining a historic facility.

I am lucky to have been a part of PacRep's productions since the 4th grade. PacRep nurtured and taught me to explore my talent and passion for performance in musical theatre. I became obsessed with the performing arts. I learned that there are no limitations to what I could accomplish when given the right opportunity and tools, even with challenges. I was born with an unexplained, severe, permanent hearing loss. I have been wearing hearing aid devices since the age of 3. With auditory/verbal therapy I learned to speak and communicate in a hearing world. SoDA teachers kept telling me that i had perfect pitch. I am very grateful that my mother found PacRep and its SoDA program for young people and that I was encouraged to pursue what has become a passion for me in a field that most people wouldn't expect me to be successful in as a hearing impaired person. Thank you PacRep.

- Lauren Mansour