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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

PacRep Theatre


In celebrating the transforming power of the creative spirit, PacRep Theatre produces bold and daring interpretations of the great plays from the world stage -- plays that engage, excite, educate and inspire -- Presenting a world class theatrical experience.

The Big Idea

As the only year-round professional theater in Monterey County, PacRep has been an integral part of the arts and cultural scene for 36 years, providing an outlet for creativity and expression. Their Big Idea, “Shrek’s Big Green Deal: Great Theatre, Little Footprint,” revolves around sustainability. The motto? When Shrek “thinks green,” he’s thinking about an ogre’s impact on the environment! PacRep shares his concern and is raising funds to make their facilities and programs more environmentally sound, using renewable materials and alternative energy sources whenever possible. With adequate funding, they hope to install water-bottle refill stations as an alternative to selling bottled water to theater-goers, convert battery-driven systems to rechargeable units, upgrade extensive lighting equipment to LEDs, create a rain catchment system for greywater usage, and assist the Outdoor Forest Theater in moving from wood-burning to propane fire pits.

How fortunate we are to have wonderful local entertainment and talent. If you are fond of live theater, then PacRep is for you! Your production of Million Dollar Quartet was a winner. It was a history lesson as well as a dance down memory lane. Everything I’ve seen at PacRep has been outstanding and well worth the time and money. If you’ve not been to see a show, you are truly missing a fabulous experience. Check them out, either at the Golden Bough or the Outdoor Forest Theater. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.

- Terrance Bradmisson