Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018



In celebrating the transforming power of the creative spirit, PacRep Theatre produces bold and daring interpretations of the great plays from the world stage — plays that engage, excite, educate and inspire — presenting a world class theatrical experience.

The Big Idea

Project is designed to enhance an individual’s theatre going experience by upgrading the stage lighting system and increase PacRep’s video capabilities.

Theatre goers attend PacRep to be entertained, enlightened and to enrich their cultural experiences. We propose to enhance their experience by upgrading the technical areas of the theatre’s lighting and video systems. The outdated lighting and camera items, replaced with new, state of the art equipment , will allow theatre goers the opportunity to experience an even greater appreciation of the performing arts and allow PacRep to continue to offer quality, professional live theatre with state of the art technical equipment to the residents of and visitors to Monterey County.

“I am lucky to be a part of PacRep and it’s School of Dramatic Arts (SoDA) since I was a 4th grader. My mother discovered a SoDA summer camp that nurtured me to grow and explore my talent and passion for performance. I became obsessed with it and has helped me discover that there are no limitations to what I can accomplish. I was born with permanent hearing loss and have worn hearing aids since the age of 3 mos. While I’m hard of hearing, I have learned to speak and communicate in a hearing world. I’ve been told that I have ‘perfect pitch’ My SoDA teachers kept telling me that! I am grateful my mother found PacRep that has become a huge part of my life. I am grateful to PacRep’s SoDA program as well as my parents for giving me the opportunity to pursue what has become a passion for me in a field that most people wouldn’t expect me to be successful in as a hearing impaired person.”

— Lauren Mansour, Age 16, Pebble Beach