Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Pajaro Valley Shelter Services


At Pajaro Valley Shelter Services (PVSS), our mission is to assist homeless women, children, and families in obtaining stable housing through temporary shelter and services. We provide intensive bilingual case management services proven to empower families to build self-sufficiency skills and overcome the personal obstacles that led to their homelessness. Our comprehensive and individualized plan to end homelessness in our communities defines us as a fundamental site of community empowerment.

The Big Idea

We will build bridges between 5 homeless families in North Monterey Co. and PVSS’s programs through outreach to a total of 25 groups: faith-based organizations, service providers, and companies.

PVSS is uniquely positioned to reach out to families in North Monterey Co.
Our goal is to build bridges between 5 homeless families in North Monterey Co. and PVSS’s programs through outreach to a total of 25 groups: faith-based communities, non-profit organizations, Monterey Co. services, and companies south of the Pajaro River.
High housing costs and a chronic shortage of affordable housing in CA, particularly on the coast, have exacerbated the homelessness crisis in both Monterey Co. and Santa Cruz Co. in 2017. The Pajaro River forms the entire border between these two counties. Provided PVSS’ proximity to this border, North Monterey residents in situations of homelessness have sought our services. Most of our clients served come from the Pajaro area, and 5-10% of our clients originate from Monterey Co. every year.
With YOUR partnership, we will link homeless families from North Monterey Co. to PVSS’s temporary shelter and transitional housing programs, as well as supportive services, including parenting classes, counseling, financial management skills building, health and nutrition classes, and classes in home maintenance. Your support is key to empowering these families.

“When I left my domestic violence situation, I experienced four months of homelessness with my two children. When living hour-by-hour, you don’t really think about next week. You think, ‘my kids need to eat in an hour, then it’s time to find a safe place to sleep.’ I feel so blessed now. PVSS’ shelter provided a safe environment and programs to develop skills and turn around habits. I feel like I can be myself. I’m grateful that I regained respect from my kids. Before leaving my partner, I didn’t have a say in anything. Now, my kids love me and feel proud of me, because now, I am a leader. I am inspired to do more. In the fall, I will be a senior majoring in Kinesiology at CSUMB. It was an eye-opener to see how strong I can be: financially and disciplinarily. My children can count on me because I have broken the cycle.”

— Jessica Sanchez, Age 30, Marina