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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Pajaro Valley Shelter Services


Self sufficiency

The Big Idea

Pajaro Valley Shelter Service (PVSS) is a program that is dedicated to self sufficiency. For the last 38 years they have worked with low-income families to help them work their way out of homelessness and financial vulnerability. PVSS uses a three-pillar program to ensure financial, emotional and housing stability. This allows families to gain opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t know are even available to them, as well as find (and keep) healthy housing as they get reestablished. PVSS believes that all families deserve the chance to have stable housing, regardless of their circumstances.

Nelly and I exited PVSS’ Transitional Housing Program in 2012 - into our own home! 8 years later, we maintain our stability and dream of purchasing a bigger home for our family. Our case manager at PVSS believed in us and pushed us to save, awakening our financial consciousness. PVSS prepared us for the unexpected. In 2019, my father tragically passed away and my mom was severely injured. My mom and dad had been the ones watching our kids while Nelly and I both worked. As Nelly transitioned into being a stay-at-home mom, we trusted ourselves and our capacity to make ends meet with one income. We have even been able to save!

- Saul, PVSS

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