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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Palenke Arts


The mission of Palenke Arts is to educate, inspire and transform the community through the arts.

The Big Idea

Palenke Arts exists to create a safe, vibrant and inclusive multicultural arts center in the city of Seaside that benefits all of the Monterey Peninsula. We aim to uplift youth voices, inspire creativity and transform our community into a place where everyone feels seen, valued and welcomed through the healing power of the arts.

In recognition of our work, we received the 2019 Nonprofit of Year in Arts and Culture Award from the Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County. In 2022 our Executive Director Juan L. Sánchez obtained the Champion of the Arts Award from the Arts Council of Monterey County.

We are requesting operational support to continue providing high-quality and affordable arts, music and dance classes and events to many youth and families who would not traditionally be able to afford them. In 2024 we are planning to launch a capital campaign for the construction of our forever home.

Palenke feels like an extended family. We've become very close to some of the teachers, and staff, and other participants. We are a homeschool music family which relies on one violin teaching/gigging income. While we feel blessed in our situation, money is often tight, and lessons and music education can be very expensive. Palenke offers INCREDIBLE value for what we can afford. It is honestly worth many, many times what we pay. There are families that have harder struggles that us, and knowing that these highly qualified, passionate teachers are available to the community for scholarship and very affordable rates gives me hope. We need more Palenke type programs that teaches, celebrates, and bring arts and culture in today's hyper-tech, fast paced, money driven society.

- Anonymous Parent Survey