Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018



Papillon Center for Loss & Transition’s mission is to build healthier communities by providing professionally led, compassionate services for individuals, families and children experiencing loss and transition.

The Big Idea

Hearts Do Heal Programming will empower and educate participants to cope with the normal but inherently difficult process of grieving the loss of a loved one, a baby or animal companion.

Hearts DO Heal Bereavement Programming will continue Papillon’s efforts to provide comprehensive, innovative ways of supporting children and adults who are grieving a loved one, a pregnancy/new born baby or animal companion. Designed to supplement existing programs, Hearts DO Heal will be offered to the public quarterly as one day events that serve to normalize the grieving process and assist participants in navigating the feelings of loss. Planned programs include an afternoon in a park with a shared meal followed by age appropriate groups using art, ritual and storytelling followed by a community building butterfly release. In a second offering, Papillon will guide participants through the Mt. Hermann Rope and Adventure course as a powerful metaphor for grief. All programming will be offered to those who have lost a loved one in addition to those who have lost a pregnancy or baby at birth or those who are grieving an animal companion, two forms of loss that are underserved. All Hearts DO Heal programming is offered at no charge to participants. Funding will be used to cover the supplies and administrative costs of this invaluable, unique service.

I started going to Papillon 1.5 years ago, after both my husband and Dad died in 2012. Papillon has saved my life. I had been in a really dark place, trying to raise my son, work…and not knowing what to do with the deep pain of loss. I have made great strides, learning about this thing called “grief” and most importantly, how to deal with the loss in my daily life. I’ve learned how to take care of myself, how to take time to help my heart heal. I’m grateful for the group setting where I can feel safe, loved; now I have the wisdom and strength to reach out to others newer to this journey. I know both my husband and dad would be so proud of me and my accomplishments in the midst of our loss. Thank you, Papillon, so much.