Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Paraphrase Productions


To shine a new light on theatre through peer-to-peer mentoring of young adult artists in theatrical performance and creative excellence

The Big Idea

Paraphrase has grown exponentially since its inception in 2015, and hopes that this upcoming year will be filled with even more growth. Paraphrase strives to be a place where young adults can grow both in the craft of theater and in personal character. While many local theater companies exclusively aim to produce impressive plays and musicals, Paraphrase hopes to be a company that does far more than please audiences. Instead, Paraphrase aims to use the arts to enrich our local community and empower young lives. It is the company's goal to not only produce high-quality and professional-caliber productions, but also to use theater for communal and personal enrichment. for the For this reason, Paraphrase is excited to provide opportunities in 2019 to young adults of all backgrounds. Partnering with Special Kids Connect in Monterey, Paraphrase plans to offer weekly music and dance classes to youth with developmental disabilities. Additionally, Paraphrase hopes to use 2019 to collaborate with other local organizations to offer access to the arts to underprivileged youth.

It is an absolute joy to work with Paraphrase because everyone's passion for theatre arts and education overflows into all that they do. I was blown away when I got the chance to see Pippin and Man of La Mancha. The impact that Paraphrase Productions has in the local community as a place where excellence, friendships, and personal and professional growth happen is clear to see.

- Emily Castro