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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

The Parenting Connection of Monterey County


Our mission is to support parents and caregivers in developing their ability to nurture young children.

The Big Idea

All mothers deserve postpartum support. PCMC is raising awareness about the importance of maternal mental health, postpartum support, and providing free and preventative services for Monterey County parents. Prior to the pandemic, data indicated that more than 15% of Monterey County women experienced postpartum depression symptoms, totaling 1,000 women each year. Worldwide, post-pandemic statistics suggest that mothers are now four times more likely to experience postpartum depression. By normalizing care, and increasing awareness and support, we can make a difference in the lives of families and children. We are building peer-to-peer maternal mental health support programs across Monterey County! Join us in normalizing Maternal Mental Health.

I started taking a class at the Parenting Connection with Shauna and Gail. They're both very welcoming and knowledgeable and look forward to completing the series.

- Felisa Contreras