Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Partners For Peace (P4P)


Building strong families for a peaceful community.

The Big Idea

What is the key to fostering strong families and community in Monterey County? Parents and caregivers! Parents today are faced with many challenges that are often difficult to overcome alone. Chief among them are the ever-increasing media channels exerting influence over their children. But, fortunately, both research and common sense tells us that of all the things that influence a child’s growth and development, the most critical is reliable, responsive and sensitive parenting. So why can’t all parents provide this? Parents tend to parent the way they were brought up - our parents didn't have to face 21st century challenges such as sexting, cyber-bullying, ease of access to drugs and alcohol, texting while driving . . .

Partners for Peace (P4P) has seen first-hand that children raised in supportive, warm, and affectionate homes engage less in risky behaviors and are more likely to be successful in school, at home and in their community. P4P is a one stop shop for strengthening families in your community. We wish to offer more family education classes that deliver prevention and intervention tools for parents, families and youth (ages 5-17) in Monterey County.

“When my mother and dad stopped yelling and screaming at me and held me accountable, I figured I was ruining my own life. Before I would do something, they’d scream at me and then I’d leave for days. Now we talk more, have fun as a family and I know the consequences if I screw up.”

- A. Sanchez