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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Partners For Peace (P4P)


Building strong families for a peaceful community. Partners For Peace (P4P) is an initiative-taking violence prevention organization dedicated to cultivating peace. P4P delivers three prevention/intervention family education programs and a youth mentoring program with the goal of improving the resilience of youth and families by building on the assets and strengths in the person, family, and community. It is our vision to create a community with a strong culture of caring based on values of respect, responsibility, and compassion. P4P provides family prevention and intervention education classes in English and Spanish. P4P continues to build, train, and support a network that includes 13 school districts, 15 nonprofits, 5 Monterey County Departments (Education, Behavioral Health, Probation, Health, and District Attorney), 8 cities (Salinas, Seaside, Marina, King City, Gonzales, Greenfield, Soledad, Monterey). This network is critical for collaboration and coordination.

The Big Idea

Partners for Peace delivers a continuum of family education programs to help build stronger families for a more peaceful community. These programs work! Partners For Peace's Big Idea supports its core purpose: to offer culturally relevant family education for parents, caregivers, and youth. Described as “the instruction manual that parents so desperately needed, before having children” Partners for Peace shares tools to promote nutritious eating, school success, healthy social media habits, and above all, love and limits. Intervention programs give parents/caregivers tools to combat drug and alcohol use, gang activity, chronic truancy, bullying and poor media use. Classes are offered in English and Spanish throughout Monterey County. Supporting this Big Idea will help sustain in-person and virtual classes through 2023.

"I feel more confident when I address things now; my daughters have improved in the way they express themselves and their behavior. Taking the classes at Partners For Peace made a huge difference in making my home life more manageable. Thank you!" Belinda Lopez, parent

- Belinda Lopez