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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Partners For Peace


Building strong families for a peaceful community.

The Big Idea

Partners for Peace delivers family education and prevention programs that give parents and youth tools to build strong, thriving families for a peaceful community—improving social competencies, parenting skills and the parent-child relationships. The organization provides tools and tips on topics ranging from healthy eating and sleeping habits to school success, avoiding gangs to preventing drug and alcohol abuse. During Covid-19, P4P has been able to quickly adapt their programs to online formats. They hope to continue to provide online access, even after in-person classes become available again.

My family is a living testament that P4P works. What a great opportunity given to us free of charge. We are so fortunate. I love knowing that families who take the parent courses will gain valuable skills that will make their lives better.

- Esmeralda Muñoz Ramos, a parent