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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Partners For Peace (P4P)


Building strong families for a peaceful community.

The Big Idea

Since children don’t arrive with an owner’s manual, parents/caregivers need tools and support for raising children in the 21st century, especially since most people just tend to parent the way their parents parented them. Parents/caregivers did not have to deal with sexting, vaping, bullying via social media and gang recruitment via online video games, and they need a way to learn how to navigate these challenges. Partners for Peace (P4P) provides family education in hopes of building peaceful communities. They aim to normalize family education and expand their services throughout Monterey County, offering programs are in Spanish and English.

After being in the juvenile justice system for almost four years, my son has been out over a year and our family is stronger because of what we learned. This program helped our family to understand the situation and helped me understand the great need for this program for the families and youth in our community. I became a certified parent project facilitator to give back to our community and families in need. This program works!

- Joyce Ponton