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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Partnership for Children


Partnership for Children increases access to medical care for children with serious illness and supports their families.

The Big Idea

Many families have no means of transportation to get their children to medical care, and that’s where Partnership for Children comes in, providing rides to over 250 medical appointments per year for more than 175 kids in Monterey County. Many miles are put on their cars traveling to the Bay Area and back, so it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, this year’s Big Idea. The nonprofit makes sure that no child living with a serious illness has to miss an appointment or medical treatment due to lack of transportation, helping children to live as healthy a life as possible and helping to reduce stress for families.

Partnership for Children has helped my family ever since my son Cesar was first diagnosed with cancer several years ago, and now through his relapse. They give us rides to treatments at Stanford so we can make sure that Cesar is taken care of. They’ve supported the rest of our family with rides for medical testing for my other children, and to visit Cesar while he’s in the hospital, gas assistance, car seats, gifts and a Christmas tree for all our kids during the holidays. We are so grateful for everything they do to help our family.

- Guadalupe Gomar