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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020



UnChained fosters empathy, respect, and responsibility in youth through the human-animal bond.

The Big Idea

UnChained fosters empathy, respect, and responsibility through the human-animal bond by offering innovative animal-assisted therapy programs to underserved youth. Canines Teaching Compassion brings dogs to teens twice a week for an eight-week program that teaches the youths to train the dogs in basic skills and good manners. The kids help place the dogs into adoptive homes while developing values of patience, respect and responsibility. UnChained’s current goal is to develop a Dogs-in-Residence program with select partners so that teams of youth can provide foster care and training for rescue dogs to help them be adopted. Living with a dog provides a greater bond and sense of responsibility for the dog’s well-being, while helping each teen work with peers for the dog’s benefit.

I feel better when I’m with my dog because being with a dog that shares the same challenges I’ve faced is rewarding and helps me find hope. I want him to find a home because not only has he learned a lot, he’s also changed my outlook on my life. He deserves a caring, loving family.

- Simon, age 18

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