Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue


Our mission is to be a resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people on California’s Central Coast.

The Big Idea

We are planning to hire our own veterinarian and build and equip a clinic where the dogs in our care can receive all their medical care before adoption.

We have purchased the property right next to our current headquarters. Our plan is to create our own space to provide vet care with the needs, comfort and safety of the dogs in our care in mind (including climate control, ventilation, sound proofing, sprinkler system and the latest design in dog runs and kennels.)

The dogs who come into our program will receive “in house” veterinary care which includes an exam, lab work, spay/neuter, other surgeries as needed, vaccines, microchipping, dental cleaning and extractions, x-rays and other diagnostics as needed.

We have been out sourcing our veterinary care for the last 8 years. We know that if we hire our own veterinary staff, we can bring the cost of medical care down which will help us save more dogs and help more senior people. We typically have 80-90 dogs in our foster care network undergoing veterinary treatments.

You and your team have done an absolutely heroic job of building community support for a segment of the local dog population that would likely suffer a tragic fate if not for your efforts. I’m so appreciative of what you do!

— Larry L, Age 62, Pacific Grove