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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association


Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association (PBJG) is dedicated to introducing the game of golf to local youth ages 6 years to 17 years through quality instruction, etiquette, rules of the game, and competitive tournament play in a supportive environment. Our clinics, summer lessons, and year-round tournaments are offered at a variety of local golf courses across Monterey County. Highly qualified coaches provide the skills needed to excel on the course and help instill knowledge and personal skills foundational for future success in school, careers, and life. We not only provide the skills needed to excel on the course, but also the personal skills necessary to succeed in life. PBJG merges athletic and academic achievement through an annual scholarship program which helps qualified graduating seniors pursue their college dreams.

The Big Idea

For more than 30 years, the Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association has introduced the game of golf to local youth ages 6 to 17. Golf provides a great environment for a child’s personal development, as it is a personal sport that teaches perseverance, humility and discipline. This nonprofit’s Big Idea is to raise awareness of its programming, so even more youth can benefit from the game of golf and ultimately compete for this organization’s college scholarships.

Over my almost decade long career as a Pebble Beach Junior Golf member, I have lost numerous balls out of bounds, chunked countless bunker shots, missed two foot putts to win the Peter Hey tournament outright, and, most memorably, bounced my ball off a tree for a hole in one- yep you heard that right. It was through these failures, fortunate triumphs, and everything in between that I was able to form into the young man I am today. My junior golf experience has been one of the greatest I have ever encountered. These tournaments and volunteer experiences have helped me to develop into a polite, motivated, and most of all grateful individual. I realize my privilege to have been involved in such a wonderful program and let it be known that the lessons I have learned go way beyond the written word.

- Tyler Bianchi

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