Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

PG Pops Orchestra


The Pacific Grove Pops Orchestra is a premiere non-profit inter-generational community orchestra founded to support and engage local student musicians of all ages through rigorous advanced study and performance with award-winning music educators and professionals. The orchestra seeks to provide opportunities for evolving musicians across life’s spectrum to learn, grow, and play together with popular repertoire in community concerts, enriching the musicians’ lives as well as the cultural life of the broader community.

The Big Idea

PG Pops welcomes student musicians of all ages. Since the orchestra’s founding in 2013, this experiment in inter-generational inclusiveness has resulted in development of a highly successful premiere non-profit community orchestra. Providing evolving musicians across life’s spectrum—from middle school to long-time retirees--the rare opportunity to learn, grow, and perform together has yielded multiple benefits to all of members of the orchestral community as well as its audiences. Two groups in particular—youth and seniors—have benefited especially from the orchestra’s inclusive orientation, while simultaneously helping to make the organization’s distinctive vision a reality. This project funds outreach and scholarships to youths and seniors on fixed incomes, providing opportunities for rigorous study with award winning music educators and professionals to evolving musicians who would otherwise be unable to participate and contribute.

The PG Pops Orchestra has inspired so many people of all ages including myself and my fellow middle school peers, to adults from all around and in the PG community. When we met on Tuesdays, I couldn’t wait for the school day to be over so I could go to Pops! It was the highlight of my day and I was always so excited to work with the truly amazing people that are involved. Ms. Priest, the director and founder of the PG Pops Orchestra, is so inspiring and constantly puts out a huge effort to make the orchestra sound the best we can. She makes music fun and inspires so many. I’m so glad I got to experience being in this program and I think every musician should get this experience. Being in the PG Pops Orchestra will always be something special to me, and I’ll never forget it!

- Cayden Bloomer