Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte


Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM), which is headquartered in San Jose and operates 4 health centers in the Monterey Coast region, has been an essential provider of excellent, affordable reproductive health services and education since 1964. PPMM’s mission is to ensure the knowledge, opportunity, and freedom to make every child a wanted child and every family a healthy family. We are dedicated to providing easily accessible, affordable, non-judgmental and compassionate family planning and reproductive health care, family medicine and sexual health education to teens and communities. Our services are tailored to the wide diversity of our 42-county service area in mid-California and Northern Nevada, committed to reducing unintended pregnancies as well as promoting responsible behavior and communication related to sexuality and health.

The Big Idea

As the harsh political climate in Washington is more threatening to reproductive health care-access than in nearly a half-century, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM) is harnessing the power of social media and video testimonials from patients whose lives we've transformed, teens and families we have educated and community partners we have worked with to tell everyone in the communities we serve that we are committed to providing them quality, essential preventive care, regardless of their income or where they live.

My name is Bobbie Joe, I'm a 19-year-old college student and I've lived in Greenfield my whole life. I volunteer with the Promotores, which basically translates to health promoter. We are trained by the health educators at Planned Parenthood to basically be mini health educators in our own communities. A big part of the reason why I began volunteering with this program is because in Greenfield there is definitely a lack of reproductive health education. And because of that lack, we have had a lot of issues with teen pregnancy. A couple years back, we had the highest rate of teen pregnancy in California. Fortunately, we aren't number one anymore, but, we definitely aren't where we should be. It is a big problem in this community. Especially for young women who kind of get entrapped because they just don't have the knowledge on how to stay safe.

- Bobbie Joe Garcia