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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Range Of The Condor


The Conservancy for the Range of the Condor is a Land Trust. Its mission is to acquire critical land by buying it, by receiving it as a gift, or by otherwise acquiring rights to such land. By ‘critical,’ we mean land that is mostly undeveloped, is open space, and is adjacent to, or near existing larger tracts of open space or wilderness.

The Big Idea

This land trust’s mission is to acquire undeveloped open space and surrounding lands, conserving tracts viewed as critical in the work to protect and create habitat for condors, as well as other native plants and animals. The Range of the Condor describes these wild lands as “the lungs of the Earth,” also serving as a climate crisis intervention by absorbing and storing carbon. This nonprofit has acquired 400 acres so far, with a Big Idea to continue to expand its protected wild areas.

The Range of the Condor is a newer organization, and they are doing excellent and hopeful work in protecting wild lands. I have been a voice for the natural world for many years, and appreciate the value in ROC’s approach. They see that large-scale protection can happen by doing small-scale projects. They fit in effectively between the various larger organizations that also do this work. They currently own about 400 habitat-rich acres of Monterey County, and are putting energy into expanding this foundation. They are open-minded about the path to their goal, and can add other means of protecting land besides owning it, such as fostering education, and forming partnerships with other organizations. We increasingly need to band together in this critical work of fostering a land ethic.

- Paola Berthoin

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