Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Read to Me Project


To help underserved children achieve kindergarten readiness and a lifetime of literacy by empowering school-age brothers and sisters to read effectively to their young siblings at home.

The Big Idea

Books and training for students in low- literacy schools, to read aloud daily to infant, toddler, pre-school age family members; building readiness for school, literacy and a lifetime of opportunity.

Big idea – Babies are born ready to learn and 85% of brain development occurs before kindergarten. Yet, 7 out 10 children in Monterey County often start school two years behind and most stay behind. Read to Me Project is a prevention-based solution to this problem that focuses on an underlying cause of educational and social problems that befall children, teens and last into adulthood – low literacy. The program uniquely delivers early learning and enriching literacy experiences to infants, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten aged children where they learn best, at home. Read to Me Project is a sibling-reading to-sibling program that establishes a systemic change in underserved families and prepares their little ones to succeed in school from day-one. Literacy is the foundation for equity and opportunity; a great equalizer that binds people together and builds healthy communities and families. MC Gives! Donations will help set young children on course for a lifetime of success.

“Read to me project is good because I’m learning more how to read a lot. Also she (sister) is learning how to count, do the alphabet and knows more words.” Amy Zavala Gasca – 5th grade, reading to three year old sister, Bella – Greenfield

“I get to read to my sister. She has learned how to listen. I also get to know her more through reading. And I also get to review my vocabulary to make it sharper/better.” Cristian Flores – 5th grade, reading to one year old sister, Yasmin – Greenfield

“It helps a lot for my little sister to learn more. I like her to be happy looking at books. I like it when she is counting numbers with her hands. She is learning how to say new words.” Natalia Merino – 5th grade, reading to four year old sister Sandra – Greenfield

— Amy, Cristian, Natalia Zavala, Flores, Merino, Age 10, Greenfield