Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Read to Me Project


The Read to Me Project helps underserved children achieve kindergarten readiness and a lifetime of literacy by empowering school age brothers and sisters to read to their young family members at home.

The Big Idea

Literacy is essential for equity, healthy communities and achieving one’s fullest potential. Read to Me Project (RtMP) is the prevention-based early literacy program that uniquely reaches underserved children in their homes by providing books and training to 4th, 5th and 6th grade students to read effectively to their youngest family members – inspiring curiosity, wonder and love for learning and books. RtMP addresses the alarming issue of low-literacy in Monterey County. Seven out ten children start kindergarten as much as two years behind in cognitive, vocabulary and language skills – most never catch up. RtMP’s loving impacts are deep and far reaching; touching student readers, little ones (ages 0 to 5 years) and their parents in rich and nurturing ways by building student reading confidence, sibling bonds, kindergarten readiness, and disrupting the generational cycle of low-literacy among Monterey County families. The need is great and demand for RtMP continues to outpace capacity.

My sons, Christian (5yrs) and Jacob (3yrs), have benefited tremendously from the Read to Me Project. Jacob has improved his sentence structure. Christian has improved his language, sentence structure, and is able to read Kindergarten level books. Christian has become curious about the narration and often makes predictions on what will happen next or why something happened in the book. Typically, it is difficult for parents to go the local library due to their work and life demands. Children who participate in this program bring Read to Me Project books into their home for their entire family. Now, you have an average of 2-6 children per household being exposed to reading. The program may be the only opportunity for many children to obtain exposure to literature before starting school. Read to Me Project is a transformational program for many children in the community.

- Myra Villagomez, Parent of Read to Me Project students