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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Read to Me Project


Read to Me Project helps under-served children achieve kindergarten readiness and a lifetime of literacy by empowering school age brothers and sisters to read to their young siblings at home. We also raise public awareness about the literacy crisis and the need for language development and pre-reading skills during a child's first five years of life.

The Big Idea

In Monterey County, 45 percent of parents have less than a high school education and 7 out of every 10 students start school two years behind. The Read to Me Project uses the strength of the family unit to teach kindergarten readiness and literacy, helping break generational cycles of low literacy and set our youngest citizens up for a lifetime of self-sufficiency. This nonprofit’s Big Idea empowers school-age children to read to younger siblings and helps parents who struggle with literacy to support their developing children.

Reading is very important to life because it allows students to understand and engage in the intangible aspects of the technological age they live in. As the world is becoming more and more dependent on interacting through a screen, students are gearing towards success the more they appreciate reading and reap the benefits knowing how to read. The Reads to Me Project sets kids up to be the new appreciator's of written words, but it also helps them navigate an increasingly digital world full of online instructions and words. Thank you for providing students of Greenfield with the first steps to becoming full fledged readers. - Alexander Cervantes, Oak Avenue Elementary 4th Grade

- Alexander Cervantes

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