Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Restorative Justice Partners, Inc.


Restorative Justice Partners, Inc. provides support and education to those affected by conflict to encourage accountability, reparation, and empathy.

The Big Idea

Currently, as children and their families find themselves in a national culture of extreme divisiveness, restorative justice (RJ) principles are more crucial than ever to ensure community members experience empathy, accountability, and restoration. In times of conflict, it is important that all are included in the process of “making things right.” RJ practices provide children and their families inclusive alternatives to exclusionary punishments, as these practices are rooted in principles uniquely designed to balance focus on reparation for all involved.

As RJ practices increase equitable outcomes throughout Monterey County (and the world!), RJP, Inc. has the Big Idea of sharing these practices with more youth service providers throughout our communities to develop our future leaders. Increasing the use of RJ practices with our community partners, we will begin to thread together youth-serving institutions and the methods used to respond to misbehavior and wrongdoing. Over time, children will recognize these consistent responses based in empathy, reparation, and accountability in the interactions they have each day. Our children will become our leaders.

Restorative Justice Partners, Inc. (RJP) is a member of the Monterey County Office of Education, School Climate Transformation Leadership Team and has played an important role in developing the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) systems at Monterey County schools. By implementing restorative practices, schools have created more positive and supportive learning environments for students. We appreciate their ongoing commitment to building positive school climate and culture.

- Esther L. Rubio, MPA