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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Restorative Justice Partners, Inc.


Restorative Justice Partners, Inc. provides support and education to those affected by conflict to encourage accountability, reparation, and empathy.

The Big Idea

Restorative justice aims for healing and justice for offender and victim, bringing them together so a victim can truly be heard and so that the outcome brings resolution and justice. The principles apply to both crimes and smaller conflicts. Restorative Justice Partners wants to provide tools for productive conflict resolution to a larger audience. The Big Idea is to host a conflict resolution summit for Monterey County fifth- to eighth-grade students, where they will be introduced to relationship-building and conflict resolution skills that could last a lifetime, and help them avoid conflict that turns violent or seems unresolvable.

Restorative Justice Partners has been a part of creating a positive, supportive and proactive culture at my school site. They have come out and trained our peer mediators in conflict resolution for the four years I have been at Kammann. They follow up with them to make sure they are implementing the practice correctly, to support them and to answer all of their questions. Arleen has come to our school five or seven times to conduct conflict resolution meetings with students and in some cases with parents. She is flexible with scheduling and shows up to conduct these sessions in the morning, afternoon and in some cases, the evening. If I have a question about the process of conflict resolution or I am looking for guidance on how to approach a session, she responds in a prompt manner. Restorative Justice Partners has been a tremendous asset to our school.

- Sherry Villaneda