Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Restorative Justice Partners, Inc.


The mission of Restorative Justice Partners, Inc. is to provide support and education to those affected by conflict to encourage accountability, reparation, and empathy.

The Big Idea

RJP, Inc. engages local students in restorative justice campus-based clubs to create an opportunity for people to feel safe to listen, be heard, and possibly develop lifelong communication skills.

Restorative Justice Partners Inc. brings victims, offenders, families and other key stakeholders together in a process to help offenders understand the implications of their actions and provide the victim a voice in the resolution. Restorative justice is a philosophy in which there is a shift in how individuals deal with conflict. This year’s Big Idea will support restorative justice school-based clubs on local school campuses. These clubs will recruit, educate and guide local youth proponents of restorative justice throughout our community, leveraging school communities as hubs for social change. The Big Idea will take place on at least two local school campuses, one community college and one high school. Here, the leaders of tomorrow will have the opportunity to build solid foundations on the theories and practices of restorative justice. Over time, their leadership will shape the progression of transforming school discipline procedures and conflict resolution.

RJP, Inc. has made a huge impact on students from MPC, from proper training in mediation services, to the full support of internships. With the growing relationship between RJP, Inc. and MPC, we have discovered more student interest and engagement in the restorative justice program utilizing conflict-resolution skills. As of now, the partnership has manifested with the formation of the student run Restorative Justice Club on campus, offering students internship opportunities, and strengthening conflict/resolution skills. On behalf of the MPC Restorative Justice Club, we are very grateful to work under Restorative Justice Partners, Inc., who “provides support and education to those affected by conflict to encourage accountability, reparation, and empathy.”

— Alvarez Meechie Pierce, Seaside