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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Return of the Natives Restoration Education Project


The mission of Return of the Natives is to bring nature to people and people to nature through hands-on experiences in habitat restoration and environmental education.

The Big Idea

Return of the Natives (RON) connects nature and people through hands-on experiences in habitat restoration and environmental education. To make their mission even more accessible, this nonprofit’s Big Idea is called “Going Back to Our Roots,” an initiative to create native plant gardens at schools. RON will provide the tools and native plants while teaching students about the benefits of native plants, the importance of pollinators and other topics in efforts to build the next generation of stewards.

I have the joyous pleasure of working with RON almost two years and serving as their AmeriCorps VIP fellow for half that time. RON dedicates all of its efforts in planting native plants, park and beach clean ups, and public education to ensure the protection of local and state ecosystems. It’s so much more than just planting, RON has taught me the importance of community effort and nature education. From native school gardens to field trips at national and state parks and beaches, every bit that RON does is to provide education for all earth stewards! It is amazing to see the face of both students and parents light up when they learn the importance of a native plant and what wildlife will benefit from it. RON is truly gearing up the next generation of nature caretakers. Anyone can learn about nature but few will continue on in their careers to further the progress. RON is here to help!

- Lindsey Ochoa

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