Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Return of the Natives


The Mission of Return of the Natives Restoration Education Project is: To bring people closer to nature, and nature closer to people, through hands-on experiences in community based habitat conservation and environmental education.

The Big Idea

Kids deserve awesome outdoor experiences. They need to feel sun and wind on their faces and dirt on their hands. They need to see the ocean. They need to pick up bugs and follow bobcat tracks. They need to feel that they can have exciting and positive relationships with nature. They need to know that they can make a difference by planting native plants. They need to know that outdoor learning is really great. They need to know that soon they too can go to college like the CSUMB students who are their field trip leaders. Return of the Natives' Big Idea is to give 5000 underserved Monterey County kids the awesome gift of nature this year. Send a kid to nature with Return of the Natives.

"The Nature Detectives trip with Return of the Natives was my favorite field trip in Kindergarten this year. I think nature is important because it gives us food like blackberries and trees are important because they give us air to breathe." Then he went and got a book and read me all of the reasons that humans need sharks to survive.

- Max McKnew