Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Rice plus Project


Rice Plus Project’s vision is to help wipe out hunger and poverty and provide basic necessities for the most underserved people in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

The Big Idea

With the commitment to help those who lack basic life necessities, RpP’s volunteers gather the first Sunday of each month to bag over 1 ton of rice and beans and sort, and pack donated foods and clothing. RpP purchases over 2500 pounds of rice and beans, collects donated foods from local grocers, and transports these to a community center in Carmel. RpP volunteers unload these, bag the rice and beans into two-pound packages, sort the donated clothing, toiletries, and household goods, and re-load the trucks, private cars and SUVs for distribution that day to low income and underserved families and individuals, and homeless centers. In 2017, RpP distributed over 22 tons of rice, plus beans and other life necessities. Just in the month of July 2018, RpP provided 241 families with 386 children as well as 90 seniors with food, clothing and household goods impacting approximately 950 people. Funds will support this year’s ongoing efforts to provide sustenance to those who are too old, too frail, are homeless, or who lack transportation to travel to more traditional distribution centers.

“The rice project is such a blessing, I love to see the happy families and specially the children’s faces when I deliver the food to them. I feel happy to be a part of such an amazing project.”

- Maria Martinez